Are You Looking to Sell Your House?

Doing More Than Renovating Homes

Fenix Property Group has been rebuilding communities in and around Philadelphia since 2015. Although we are still young, FPG has quickly become a trusted facilitator in selling and investing in homes.

Our quality service, attention to detail and deep passion to provide an unmatched product helps bring real value to our clients and partners. We are here to inform you on the best decisions that make sense for all parties involved.

Communities We Serve

We pride ourselves on the ability to create a win, win, win solutions for
homeowners, realtors, and investors, all while improving local neighborhoods.


Our extensive knowledge of current market values and construction costs allow us to make accurate fair offers in a timely manner. Fill out our offer form and we will get back to you in 24 hours!


As Fenix continues to grow, so does our need for quality investors. We have proven the quality of our rehabs is sure to generate great returns for our partners. We treat each project as if it were our own home. Learn more about our investor network.


While we wish every property could meet our criteria for purchase, we still enjoy pointing homeowners to established real estate agents. Community is the core of Fenix Property Group.

Interested in Selling Your Home?

If your property does not meet our criteria, we will still help to educate you about the market and best options to sell!